Our clothing products are made in Tartu, Estonia by a cycling apparel brand Moomoo founded in 2013. Moomoo’s clothes-making process brings together functional world-class fabrics, crafting skills and professional design.

Small things have a big effect – moomoo gives attention to even the smallest of details when creating clothing items. They carefully select every detail used, from threads and zippers to safety reflectors, to guarantee the best result.

In season 2017 and 2018 SAS TG Hütten team (Maria Gräfnings, Rahel Imoberdorf, Tatiana Mannima) competed in moomoo ski clothing at FIS Worldloppet Cup events and finished on positions 2 to 4 in overall ranking.

Moomoo made possible to provide Wordloppet Masters with customized itmes, where everyone can have their name and mastertitle number stated to be better visible at the Worldloppet races.

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